The Settle & Carlisle Railway

"We refused to let this line die, not least because of its history. Not only did people die building the railway, It became the life of this community, and people lived and breathed this railway all the way from Settle to Carlisle."
Mike Harding

Welcome to Version 3.0 of my website, A Photographers Settle and Carlisle, the complete visual record of this iconic railway.

This website was first built about 9 years ago but a rewrite was due, a massive task, but it was time for a refresh. It has taken a huge amount of time but I think it was worth the effort.The site is now
“Responsive” enabling all platforms (Smart Phones/Tablets/Laptops/Desktops) to view the site in an optimised format.

This site has over 1700 images available to the visitor. I have upgraded the image gallery software and every image has been optimised to load as quickly as possible and maintain a satisfactory quality.

In this update I have divided the SCR into 5 areas of interest represented by the 5 Contracts awarded by The Midland Railway. Each contract has detailed information and Images for all the major structures within the Contract area and more.

This website is the only site that catalogues & provides high quality images of all the major structures along The Settle and Carlisle Railway as well as others of interest such as Churches, Castles, Monuments etc. I am passionate about English Heritage and I believe it is very important to record the incredible efforts of our forefathers who built this railway across some of the most dramatic & inhospitable landscape in England; an incredible engineering feat. A truly magnificent effort!

Some locations are on private land & I am working closely with the land owners to allow me access to capture the last few remaining structures. I will be adding comments to most images & also add the complete details of all Bridges to each Contract data page (Number, Name, etc.). I will continue to add to & improve the site. The job is open ended of course and as the line evolves we will have to update details & images. By it's nature, the website will never be completed!

I dedicate the site to my best friends, my Border Collies Jack & Keld who unfailingly supported me every step of the way, in all weathers during all hours. Not once were they less than enthusiastic! If only humans were like Collies! Sadly Jack died of bladder cancer 1st Dec 2011 18:30 hrs. His last trip to The SCR was to Blea Moor. It was a stunningly beautiful day. I miss him terribly & think of him every day.

If you see Keld & I out on The SCR please come over and say hello. Be great to chat to you!

Nick & Keld
24th March 2017

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Jack (R) & Keld - The perfect companions!
No 122A Grisedale Crossing - 2009

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Site dedicated to Jack & Keld my Border Collies

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